Ian Chadwick is an award-winning, internationally recognised glass artist and educator. Ian has a background in sculpture and stained-glass window design, disciplines which he applies to his constantly evolving range of kiln-formed glass art.

For many years Ian has had an interest in geometry and in particular the history and philosophy behind the meditation symbols known as mandalas. The art Ian produces are a type of mandala, a cosmic diagram which reminds us of our connection to the infinite. The use of symmetry in Ian’s work is designed to trigger pre-programmed responses. As Carl Jung states, 'The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the self.'

The glass Ian produces uses rotational symmetry as its fundamental design tool. Symmetry is used by people and nature as a device to add continuity, balance and harmony to a chaotic universe. Its use in art and design, consequently, attains an aesthetic of order and familiarity.

Ian uses kiln-forming techniques to produce sheets of striped, coloured glass which are then deconstructed and reconstructed into mandala-like patterns, exhibiting a hypnotic, op-art effect. These arrangements are then kiln-fired and cold worked to produce the finished piece.

Artist Ian Chadwick