Classes FAQ

Q: Can I sign up myself and others to take a class together as a group?

A: Yes, you can register more than one student under your account and pay for everyone. You will need to add each student one at a time to your order by name. Keep in mind that only your account will have access to the downloadable Class Guide. You will need to send each registered student their copy of the Guide prior to class.


Q: How do I log in to my account?

A: See the Account menu near the top right of this page (or of any page on this website). Enter the email and password associated with your account. If you have any trouble logging in, click on Forgot Your Password? That will guide you through resetting your password and accessing your account. If this doesn't work, contact us at


Q: Where can I find my Class Guide?

A: Once you've logged into your account, click on MY ACCOUNT. Find the navigation menu on the left of the screen and click My Downloadable Products. That will lead you to a page containing download links to all of your available Guides.


Q: What should I do if I'm not receiving password reset emails?

A: First, consider if it is possible that you registered your account with a different email account than the one you are checking. Then, if you are certain you are checking the right account, check your Spam folder. If you still cannot find a password reset email, contact us about the issue at


Q: How do I watch the class video?

A: You need to download and open your Class Guide. It contains a clickable link that will take you to a Vimeo webpage that hosts the video. You will need to enter the class-specific password, also contained in your Class Guide. After that, you are good to go.


Q: How do I log in to my class on Zoom?

A: Your Class Guide contains a clearly labeled button that opens the class Zoom link when clicked. You can also copy the link from the pdf Class Guide and paste it into your preferred web browser.


Q: How do I upload work to the class Submittable gallery?

A: Your Class Guide contains a button that links to Submittable. If this is your first time participating in a 2-part online class with Bullseye, use the link in the Class Guide to create a free Submittable profile. If you are a returning student, use the link in the Class Guide to log in. After you have successfully logged in, you will upload images, notes, and comments directly into Submittable. Once you finish entering your information, click Submit. This posts your entry to the Submittable Class Gallery. You can then click on the Gallery link in your Class Guide and see entries uploaded by you and your classmates.


Q: How do I watch the recording of a Zoom session after it is over?

A: Your Class Guide will contain a link that leads to a Zoom recording of your class once it is posted. After Session 1, expect up to two business days before the recording is available. That recording will be available until Session 2 occurs. After that, allow another two business days, at which time the recording of Session 2 will replace the recording of Session 1. It will be available by the same link for approximately ten days.


Q: Can students see chat window questions in the recordings of Zoom class sessions?

A: We can confirm that students using the following web browsers are able to view all chat in recordings: Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Students using other web browsers—AOL, in particular—have not been able to view chat. Because class chat can be very instructive, we highly recommend viewing class recordings in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.


Q: If the link to a class recording has expired, can I still watch that video?

A: Class recordings are hosted by Zoom for a limited time. Once they are gone, they are gone. Wait no more than approximately ten days to watch and review them.


Q: How do I attend a class on Zoom?

A: For help, check out our Zoom orientation video.


Q: Are online classes refundable or exchangeable?

A: Every Bullseye Class Guide contains comprehensive information for its associated class, including links and passwords. Once a Class Guide has been downloaded, that class is not refundable or exchangeable. Given more than one week's notice prior to the start of class, we will switch you to a different date of the same class title, if available. See our cancellation policy for more details.