The Tapestry Project with Richard Parrish, Online Class, New Dates Coming Soon

The Tapestry Project with Richard Parrish, Online Class, New Dates Coming Soon

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In this live online class, artist Richard Parrish explores and demonstrates how he makes his exquisite Tapestry glass pieces, all while teaching students how to make their own. The class includes Bullseye's Master Class Video, The Tapestry Project with Richard Parrish, or, if you already own the video, you will receive a coupon for $125 off the class price (the cost of the Master Class Video).

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Richard Parrish's Tapestry bowls, trays, and wall panels are widely recognized for their intricate patterning and coloration. The Tapestry pieces rely on color relationships, design, and technique for success.

This interactive online class will take place during two sessions.

  • The first of these is a Viewing Party, in which Richard Parrish will lead you through his video Master Class: The Tapestry Project with Richard Parrish, providing commentary and answering student questions in real time—all in preparation for making your own Tapestry piece.
  • The second live, online session will take place several weeks later, after you’ve had time to try the technique. For the follow up, students will upload images of their Tapestry projects and join Richard in discussing what worked, what didn’t, and why.

This class experience includes:

  • A valuable class guide packed with helpful information
  • Long-term access to Master Class Video: The Tapestry Project with Richard Parrish, a long-format instructional video (1.5 hours), only available through Bullseye Videos
  • The chance to ask Richard Parrish questions in real time over Zoom—with a focus on class projects during the second session
  • PLUS:If you already own the Parrish Master Class Video, contact us for a coupon code to save $125 off your class registration. This code is for existing Master Class Video owners and not transferable to other students. You must own the video in your name to qualify for this code.

    If you do not yet own the Parrish Master Class Video, your full price class registration includes long-term access. We will send you an email a few days before the first class session with a personalized coupon code to sign up for access to the video at no additional charge.

We believe this entire package is an exceptional way to learn! It’s an opportunity to get a thorough, step-by-step understanding of how to create your own Tapestry-inspired piece. So get ready to join two live sessions with Richard Parrish, to share your work, to inspire and be inspired, and to take your home studio to wonderful new dimensions.

Materials and Tools

You can preview the class Materials and Supplies List to get a sense of what you'll need to participate.


  • We will be using Zoom for the live class sessions. For optimal streaming, Zoom recommends using their desktop program or mobile app. (Only use their web service if you cannot access the other options.) In addition, we strongly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer with all of the following: high-speed internet, a webcam, a microphone, and speakers. A tablet may suffice. Phones, however, should be avoided. Smartphone screens will be too small, and a landline phone will not allow for any interactivity.
  • For additional help navigating Zoom, watch our Zoom orientation video.

Important Note

To get started after your purchase of the class, go to Account > My Available Downloads where you'll be able to download the class pdf. It contains the instructions and links you'll need for accessing class.

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