Special Effects in Kiln-Glass, Los Angeles, June 1-2, 2019

Special Effects in Kiln-Glass, Los Angeles, June 1-2, 2019

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Learn to harness reactive glasses to produce special effects that range from subtle to stunning.

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Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday Noon-2pm



Bullseye glasses are made with a variety of basic chemistries. When some of our glasses are combined with one another or with certain metal foils, the chemistries interact and produce special effects. Reactive effects can range from subtle to dramatic and can prove quite versatile in art and design. Learn more about the basic chemistries behind these effects and how to harness (or prevent) them to enhance your work. In this class you will study an extensive collection of samples and finished works and will make your own samples, using many forms of glass and foils. Prerequisites: Basic glass cutting skills and kilnforming experience.

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Los Angeles / Carla Morales / June 1-2, 2019 (CLL202-0006) / Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday Noon-2pm / $175

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU CLL202-0006
Title Special Effects in Kiln-Glass
Topic Kilnforming
Location Los Angeles
Instructor Carla Morales