Prime and Program, Online Class, September 26, 2020 - PM Session

Prime and Program, Online Class, September 26, 2020 - PM Session

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Learn best practices for preparing a kiln shelf, working with different firing cycles, and programming a kiln.

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Saturday 1-3pm Pacific



New to kiln-glass? Or ready to polish some foundational skills? Boost your creativity in the studio by upping your confidence in the basics of working with a kiln.

In this 2-hour live, online class, you’ll learn via computer from your own home or studio. Don't miss this opportunity to learn studio basics with Ted Sawyer, the head of Bullseye’s Research and Education Department. You'll learn about preparing shelves, programming kilns, and working with firing cycles. The more comfortable you become with these studio fundamentals, the readier you’ll be to have fun in the studio. Ted will facilitate classroom interaction through group chat and draw upon everyone's questions and comments to tie the session together during a live Q&A time. A computer with reliable internet access is required. A web camera is optional but encouraged to enhance the class atmosphere.

Recommended for new kiln owners, those thinking about getting a kiln, or others who want to know more about how firing schedules work.

Click here to learn more about Ted Sawyer.

Online / Ted Sawyer / September 26, 2020 (ONL157-0006) / Saturday 1-3pm Pacific / $35

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Additional Information

SKU ONL157-0006
Title Prime and Program
Topic Architecture
Location Online
Instructor Ted Sawyer