Kilncast Hand, Portland, March 14-15 & 21, 2020

Kilncast Hand, Portland, March 14-15 & 21, 2020

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Learn the basics of life casting and lost wax kilncasting while you create a glass replica of your hand.

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Satuday-Sunday 10am-4pm, Saturday 21st 10am-4pm

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In this workshop, students will learn the basics of life casting—a process of taking a mold of the human form and reproducing it as a sculptural object. In this case, each student will make a reusable rubber mold of one of their hands.* From that mold, we will produce a wax hand, learn some basic wax-working skills, build an investment mold, and perform a lost wax casting. The focus of this workshop will be familiarizing ourselves with rubber molds and investment molds as well as proper firing of kilncast objects and archival coldworking.

*Note: Your hand will be encased in a rubber mold for around 30-45 minutes as part of this course. If you are claustrophobic or are physically unable to perform that task, please call ahead so we can prepare a mold for you.

None. All experience levels welcome.

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Portland / Allyssa Burch / March 14-15 & 21, 2020 (CL0273-0003) / Satuday-Sunday 10am-4pm, Saturday 21st 10am-4pm / $450

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Additional Information

SKU CL0273-0003
Title Kilncast Hand
Topic Coldworking, Kilncasting
Location Portland
Instructor Allyssa Burch