Flowed Away with Nathan Sandberg, Online Class, September 8 and 29, 2021

Flowed Away with Nathan Sandberg, Online Class, September 8 and 29, 2021

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In this 2-session live online class, artist Nathan Sandberg will guide you through the innovative process he uses for making his amazing flow vessels.

This class is non-refundable. Before registering read the longer description below about tools and skills recommended for class.

Class Times
Wednesday, September 8, 9am-1:30pm Pacific Daylight Time & Wednesday, September 29, 9-11am Pacific Daylight Time

After registration be sure to go to ACCOUNT > MY DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT to download your Class Guide. It contains vital information you'll need for class.

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Harness glass flow to create vessels with fabulous colors and functional forms! In this online class, widely-respected artist and instructor Nathan Sandberg will teach you how.

Led by Sandberg's detailed video demonstration and live dialogue during class, you'll learn how to create a flow vessel that will be seven inches in diameter and about three inches deep. This will involve a few meticulous steps: making a blank, using that blank in the dropout process to form the vessel, and ultimately removing the rim of the vessel to complete the process.

To preview the steps, you'll first take a stack of rings and flow them into the colored portion of a blank, resulting in a glass disk. In the second firing, you’ll take that disk and clean it up as well as enlarge it so it fits comfortably onto an appropriate dropout ring—preferably ˝The Seventy,˝ from OnGrade Studio. After the second firing you'll prepare the blank for the dropout process and proceed to form the vessel. The final step will be to remove the rim and finish the vessel in the coldshop.* Once you have your finished piece, have no doubt: you'll be flowed away!

*Important note: This class teaches coldworking methods that make use of a modular saw, a lap wheel, and a sandblaster. If you are interested in adding coldworking equipment to your studio this is an excellent opportunity to see new tools in action. At a minimum, access to a tile saw is recommended for class. Tile saws are often available to rent from equipment rental centers. Studio rental of most tools is also available at Bullseye Resource Centers to those who have taken coldworking classes at Bullseye in the past. Alternatives to using coldworking methods with simpler, more accessible tools are an option that will be covered in class. Questions? Please reach out to us at classes@bullseyeglass.com.

The live, online aspects of the class will happen in two sessions. The first of these is a Viewing Party where you go through the class video (minus the bonus footage, which can be watched beforehand) with your cohort and instructor, Nathan Sandberg. Students will be able to ask questions and get live answers throughout this session. The second live, online session will take place several weeks later, after you’ve had time to try the technique. During Session 2 you will review photos and notes of creations that you and fellow students have shared online, discussing processes and outcomes with Nathan.

We believe this entire package is an exceptional way to learn! It’s an opportunity to get a thorough, step-by-step understanding of how to create your own amazing drop out vessel. So get ready to join two live sessions with Nathan Sandberg, to share your work, to inspire and be inspired, and to take your home studio to wonderful new dimensions.

A desktop or laptop computer with strong, reliable internet access is required. A tablet may work, but phones are not recommended. A web camera is optional but encouraged to enhance the class atmosphere.

Prerequisites: Recommended for intermediate-to-advanced students with access to a kiln.

Learn more about artist Nathan Sandberg.

Online / Nathan Sandberg / Wednesday, September 8, 9am-1:30pm Pacific Daylight Time & Wednesday, September 29, 9-11am Pacific Daylight Time (ONL380-0002) / $345