A Painterly Portrait in Glass with Tim Carey, Online Class, December 18 and January 8

A Painterly Portrait in Glass with Tim Carey, Online Class, December 18 and January 8

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Expand your expressive powers by exploring the painterly process and methods of trendsetting artist Tim Carey.

Class Times
Session 1 - Saturday, December 18, 9am-12:30pm Pacific & Session 2 - Saturday, January 8, 9am-11am Pacific

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From Tim Carey:

I have been working with images and light for the better part of 30 years as a painter and now a glass artist. In my opinion there is no better medium for creating light filled imagery than fused glass. I discovered fused glass during the making of “The Resurrection Window” with Narcissus Quagliata and Judson Studios in 2014. Since then, I have spent every day developing a unique process that involves transforming Bullseye Glass into images containing all of the characteristics of pictorial painting—textures, brush strokes, gradients, line and shadow….you name it…and combining these elements in the kiln to create an image.

I am now ready to share what I know. While it would be impossible to put everything into one class, for this first class I have decided to home in on “The Glass Portrait.” And I am going to bring this information to you with the help of filmmaker Justin Monroe, director of the documentary “Holy Frit,” for a unique online experience.

In this class, you will see everything that goes into my process of creating imagery in glass. Beyond techniques and information, we're going to pull back the veil on the entire artistic process. Students will not only learn what I know, but learn how I think, how I struggle, and how working with glass can be transformative and revealing for both the material of glass and the artist alike.

This live online class includes:

  • A valuable class guide packed with helpful information
  • Long-term access to A Painterly Portrait in Glass with Tim Carey, a long-format instructional video (1.5+ hours) that you can watch any where, any time
  • The chance to ask questions in real time over Zoom with Tim Carey

The class will happen over two sessions:

  • The first of these is a Viewing Party where you go through the video lesson chapter by chapter with your cohort and instructor Tim Carey. Students will be able to ask questions and get live answers throughout this session.
  • The second live, online session will take place several weeks later, after you’ve had time to try the technique. During the follow up, students will review each others’ uploaded images of project work. You’ll discuss what worked, what didn’t, and why.

We believe this entire package is an exceptional way to learn! It’s an opportunity to get a thorough, step-by-step understanding of how to create painterly images in glass. So get ready to join two live Q&A sessions with artist Tim Carey and moderator Ted Sawyer, Bullseye's Director of Research and Education. You'll get to share your work, to inspire and be inspired, and to take your home studio to wonderful new dimensions.


  • A desktop or laptop computer with strong, reliable internet access is required. A tablet may work, but phones are not recommended. A web camera is optional but encouraged to enhance the class atmosphere.
  • Prerequisites: All are welcome! The dynamic methods taught in the class can offer incredible, personalized leaps of skill to total beginners and advanced students alike.

Materials and Tools

You can preview the class Resource Guide to get a general sense of the supplies you'll need to participate.

Learn more about Tim Carey

December 18, 9am-12:30pm Pacific and January 8, 9am-11am Pacific (ONL360-0015) / $325