Beyond Tapestry, with Richard Parrish, Santa Fe, July 13-17, 2019

Beyond Tapestry, with Richard Parrish, Santa Fe, July 13-17, 2019

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This class picks up where Richard’s popular Tapestry class leaves off, exploring additional ways to cut and assemble strips and shapes to create rich patterns and visual texture.

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Saturday - Tuesday 10am-5pm, Wednesday 12pm-4pm



"I am fascinated with the richness that results from pattern making and the color variations that are possible. There is a mathematical aspect to pattern making that appeals to my interest in structure and order." - Richard Parrish

This new class by Richard Parrish, Beyond Tapestry, picks up where his highly popular Tapestry class left off. The class begins with a review of the essential principles of Tapestry and then moves into new processes and projects using similar parts sheets as those used for Tapestry. Participants will explore several ways to cut and assemble strips and shapes to create rich patterns and visual texture to use in their own fused glass work.

Workshop participants will make several sample pieces as they explore the vast potential of working with pattern sheets, including methods for cutting the sheet, on edge strip construction, thick layered blocks, and slumping and forming methods. Color, opacity and transparency will be considered also. Many of the techniques in this class can be adapted and used with other patterned glass.

Each person will develop her/his own patterns through sketching and mock-ups. Techniques will be explored and developed as needed to achieve these patterns including multiple firings; cutting and reassembling; slumping; and coldworking and finishing.

Prerequisite: Glass cutting experience, particularly strip cutting at 4mm thickness, and prior kilnforming experience. It is highly recommended that students have taken Tapestry with Richard Parrish.

About the Instructor
Richard Parrish maintains a studio for kilnformed glass and architecture in Bozeman, Montana. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Idaho in Moscow. Richard Parrish's kiln-glass practice is based in Bozeman, Montana. His architectural education and experience, as well as his home in the Intermountain West form the basis of the artistic intent of his glasswork. Parrish has taught architecture and design at universities. He teaches classes in kilnformed glass nationally and internationally. His artwork is in public and private collections in the United States and Europe.

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Santa Fe / Richard Parrish / July 13-17, 2019 (CLS328-0001) / Saturday - Tuesday 10am-5pm, Wednesday 12pm-4pm / $1000

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Additional Information

SKU CLS328-0001
Title Beyond Tapestry, with Richard Parrish
Topic Kilnforming
Location Santa Fe
Instructor Richard Parrish